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Technically minded.
With creative soul

I am a front-end developer specialized in custom-built Blogger themes and Tech Helper for bloggers.

My passion for code begun when I launched my first blog in 2012, same year I became a mother. I really enjoyed customizing my son’s online corner, and soon I was already working with wonderful bloggers that allowed me to learn and grow in front-end development.

By specializing in Blogger, I aim to build the theme that form meaningful connections between you and your readers, showing that is possible to have beautiful and modern sites hosted in this platform.

strong>"First, solve the problem.
Then write the code."</strong

Blogger Custom Theme

Your blog is one of your most valuable assets and I recognize it by developing your exclusive theme completely from scratch to meet your goals.

My focus is on driving value by improving your site performance, offering you Lifetime updates and priority support.

TechHelp and Troubleshooting

Taking care of your blog is very important to guarantee a strong online presence and I have a plan for you.

I offer adjustable and affordable fees. I will provide you support related to each aspect of your Blogger site.
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They ❤️ me

Some bloggers I've had the pleasure to work with

  • Cyball is so easy and helpful to work with and exceeded my expectations with her speed and responsiveness. I can recommend her with no hesitation.
    YL - bakewithpaws.com
  • I trust Cyball for all the technical needs of my blog and would ask for her services and opinions whenever I feel that my blog needs a check up.
    Ivan - ivankhristravels.com
  • Cyball updated the code on my theme, it's now lightening fast and my Google search traffic has increased 400% since the changes were made.
    Kim - exquisitelyunremarkable.com
  • Cyball is easy to work with. She did an excellent job in designing my blog, took care all the back door coding, hence my blog is much faster to load compared to previous.
    Lisa - mykeuken.com
  • Cyball helped me develop my blog and continually supports me with landing page design for my courses, always providing new solutions.
    Marlene - marlenemanrique.com

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