My homepage is showing fewer posts than expected

by @cyballruiz

A very common issue in Blogger is when we don't see all the posts as we expected.

This is not a design issue or a broken theme. It is a performance issue and it's controlled by Blogger itself.

In Settings, we choose how many posts we will see

Why does this happen?

Having a lot of images or a lot of inline formatting (or both) can cause the overall size of the page request to hit Blogger's pagination limit. This is called auto pagination and it is explained here: Auto Pagination on Blogger | Official Blogger Blog

Blogger will respond by limiting the number of posts shown in:

  • Homepage
  • Label pages
  • Navigation pages. 

How can be fixed?

Removing any unnecessary formatting in the affected posts will help with this issue, but needs to be done with precaution, it could break the code and show errors on your site. Take your time to remove any junk code from your post.

Also, some themes display an excerpt of the post (including those offered by Blogger), but usually they load more content in the source code that we see on the blog itself, then inserting jump breaks into the posts will reduce their size and help with this issue and with loading time too. It's a win-win.

First, choose where to add the jump break, I recommend after the first image and some text.

Then just click the 3 dots button and after that the — button:


Finally, in Settings, go to Site Feed, click on "Allow blog feed" and change to "Until Jump Break". Save changes.