Finally! Filenames are returning to image URLs!!

by @cyballruiz


Since Blogger launched, a few months ago, a new structure to image URLs, the users had some complaints about them: too long, not filename and SEO concerns, affecting custom codes for thumbnails...

Use the ? icon to create feedback!

I checked several threads about this issue at Blogger Help Community, in English and Spanish.

And I agreed with some of them too, but we can do nothing except explain that the change was done and recommended them to do feedback about how the change affected their sites. I did this kind of feedback too 😉.

So finding that Blogger Team added again the filenames to image URLs makes me feel very pleased.

This change will be gradually launched starting this month. It also will help with some custom scripts that were broken with the other structure.

URL structure before August 2021:

New URL structure:

Newest URL structure with filename and similar to the old old one:

As we can notice, this newest structure resembles more the URLs that we used for years before Aug 2021.

This proves that the feedback we do as users is checked and they use it to improve the platform. Thanks to every user who took their time to create feedback, it helps everybody!!

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