Blurry images on Blogger and original quality

by @cyballruiz

When you upload images on Blogger, they become a little blurry?

If you google it about this issue, you will see two typical solutions:

  1. Uses javascript to force them to be in their original quality 
  2. Set images to original quality, choosing the option when you hover the image or edit their URL.

At the end, the key is using them with original quality.

But, did you know that this could be the reason why they look blurry?

Some bloggers believe that uploading the biggest file will give them the best quality, but not always this will be true.

Blogger have unlimited storage for uploaded images just as long we upload below 2048px in width and/or height.

Images larger than 2048px will be counted with the Google Account storage space, which is 15GB.

I also have experienced that when we upload bigger images than that, they will be compressed and therefore lose quality, being blurry.

What is the best approach?

Optimize the image to have the right dimensions: if your sidebar is 300px wide, don't upload an image 1500px wide.

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