3 reasons why I use and recommend Blogger.com

by @cyballruiz

When in September 2012, I decided to create my first blog about my new life as a mom, I spent a few minutes googling for different options (Yes, I am impulsive.) and I decided to create it on Blogger.com

This decision has been and still is one of the best I have made in this online world.

That's why I want to share with you the 3 main reasons why I use Blogger.

Blogger.com as a platform has much to offer you

1. Hosting capacity

Blogger.com is a free tool that gives us the following benefits in terms of storage:

  1. Zero expenses on web hosting and your content are still yours. The rights remain yours and it is so simple to make backup files, with just one click you have them on your computer.
  2. Unlimited creation of pages and posts, with a friendly editor.
  3. You can upload videos images, and manage both of them from the Setting page.
  4. And for the images, you have UNLIMITED hosting on Google Drive if its size does not exceed 2048px high and/or wide. And honestly, who needs such a large image in a post?

And because I do not pay for hosting, I can even leave a project on standby for whatever reason, knowing that I will have no costs to keep it online.

2. Integration

Contrary to popular belief, Blogger allows us to connect many tools to further boost our blog.

You can quickly install subscription forms and grow your business with Email Marketing.

Or organize an online store on one or more of your pages.

And there are probably more tools we can take advantage of, it's a matter of planning, researching, and trying.

3. Peace of mind

I have been reading about the apocalyptic end of Blogger since 2012, all written by WP affiliates who usually offer aggressive advice on how to migrate..

I'm not denying that I fell into it, and I even deleted my Google account entirely.

Hacks and failures in updates caused me to waste time solving them, and also money, and I could not write as much as I wanted, affecting my blogging goal.

The main reason for my return in 2014 was to regain the peace of mind that Blogger provides, starting from zero.

Gladfully I had all the backups of my content. Google doesn't own it; it was always mine.

- - - - - - -

These are the main reasons why I continue to use Blogger.com, popularly known as Blogspot.

Of course, Google could decide to end its service as it did with Reader or G+, but I am sure that I could organize my next step because they have notified us each time in advance.

Is Blogger a perfect platform? No, and none is. It is simply a free and versatile platform, which is unfairly attacked.

It is also true that it may not be the platform for you.